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Behaviour based safety identifies the causes of unsafe working practices and proposes possible solutions within all hierarchical levels of the organisation. The focus is on the employees and their level of commitment to the organisation’s Health and Safety message.
Corporate safety culture requires managers at all levels to set an example by consistently living that culture themselves. To achieve this, they must be aware of their responsibility for their employees’ safety and health and be willing to act as role models.

The most important question that comes up here is: How can this be done?
In our webinar our two experts want to discuss the partnership between SeaChange and TUV Rheinland along with all the solutions we have for behavioural based safety.

Our corporate safety culture solution ensures the employees themselves are motivated and empowered to recognise and prioritise risks and, at the same time, to collaborate e.g. as teams in safety circles on the development and implementation of safety improvements in their particular field of work. A team spirit emerges that motivates each individual to take accountability for safety standards and to help prevent accidents. This process moves the organisation closer to Vision Zero. The result: a living, sustainable safety culture.

Underlined with real success stories we give you an impression of how you and your employees can build a safety culture that is lived by them.
About the speakers:
George Bradley is an expert in creating and developing Sustainable Safety Culture for multi-national companies in all industries. He works as an Occupational Safety Expert at TÜV Rheinland UK.

Dr. Paul Cummins is Managing Director at SeaChange Ltd.; an Expert Safety Consultancy that provides Innovative Sustainable Safety Culture to measure, prevent, and manage operational and behavioural risk sustainably within their partner organisations.
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