TÜV Rheinland Italia presents its new EMC chamber

In December 2020 TÜV Rheinland Italia inaugurated a new semi-anechoic chamber for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) & Radio tests, inaugurated in December 2020 at the technological center of Pogliano Milanese (MI), a center that presents various laboratories to carry out all types of product testing.

Why did we build a second EMC chamber?

The new laboratory allows us to further increase our services thanks also to the very high level equipment  updated to the state of the art.
In addition to increasing the types of tests performed, the new chamber allows the development of new market sectors in line with the most modern technology and make it possible to significantly reduce service delivery times. The instrumental set-up also allow to meet the requirements of the Automotive test specifications thanks to the possibility of generating fields up to 200V/m and specific disturbances for the mobility world, as well as guaranteeing full coverage of tests required for all products, from household appliances to electromedical equipment and renewable energy products, including the wireless sector and telecommunication equipment.

The size of the chamber and the turn table allow to carry out tests on products of considerable size such as complete vehicles or electronic assemblies composed by different cabinets and control / actuation equipment.

The availability of high power supplies also make it possible to manage equipment with absorption of the order of hundreds of amperes necessary, for example, for checks in the electric drive and renewable energy chain (eg. inverters, storage systems).

All this also provides for a greater investment in terms of specialized personnel and, as regards the sector dedicated to mobility, it allow testing not only components, but also complete products, such as complete vehicles.

The new semi-anechoic chamber joins the current one in operation, effectively expanding the range of testable products and reducing waiting times: we of TÜV Rheinland are confident that this important investment will allow us to offer an even better service to satisfy all the requests of our customers, thus further strengthening our leadership in the Italian and European market.

Technical characteristics of the new semianecoic chamber:

The new EMC Chamber of TÜV Rheinland Italia.

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