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The demand for new furniture designs, electrified furniture, and sustainable alternatives to the current range of products is on the rise. As this demand continues to rise, furniture manufacturers need ways to not only ensure the safety and quality of their products, but also separate themselves from the competition.

A high-caliber design of both the interior and exterior features of your furniture products demonstrates your commitment to quality and safety for added value and customer confidence. However, customers rely on reputable test marks to help them choose the best product for their individual needs. We conduct comprehensive furniture testing and certification in accordance with national and international standards as well as internal specifications.

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Latest Industry News
New Mandatory Safety Standard for Clothing Storage Furniture required by the STURDY Act
In the morning of April 19th, 2023 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted 3-1 to adopt ASTM International’s F2057-23 voluntary safety specification as the new mandatory product safety standard for clothing storage units required under the STURDY Act..

AHFA takes next step, files motion to delay CPSC tip-over rule
The American Home Furnishings Alliance has taken the next step in its challenge of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standard for Clothing Storage Units, filing a motion to postpone the rule’s May 24, 2023, effective date.

Final Safety Standard for Clothing Storage Units
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published the final rule for Clothing Storage Units, determining that that there is an unreasonable risk of injury and death, particularly to children, associated with clothing storage units (CSUs) tipping over.

Furniture manufacturers, importers petition to eliminate CPSC’s new tip-over standard
The American Home Furnishings Alliance, a group of more than 200 furniture manufacturers and importers, filed a petition for judicial review of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standard for Clothing Storage Units, seeking to have the rule vacated.

CPSC rule has been approved. Will STURDY be rejected?
The new mandatory furniture tip-over standard was published in the Federal Register and it is going into effect 180 days after its publication, meaning furniture manufacturers and importers will have until May 24, 2023, to make sure their product meets the standard.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services, ranging from certification and safety testing according to recognized standards to TÜV Rheinland’s acknowledged “fitness for use” programs, as well as tailor-made testing programs to meet your specific requirements. We not only boast mechanical testing services, but also chemical testing (including REACH, CPSIA, & DETOX), artwork checks, electric component testing and on-site inspections nearly everywhere in the world.
Tailored Solutions
As a full-service provider of testing, certification and inspection services, we can offer you the right package for your unique requirements. Our experts develop tailor-made solutions together with you.
Gain the security of knowing that your products match the desired specifications. We can also inspect your entire supply chain, from the raw material supplier to delivery at your premises.
Make your quality visible and demonstrate the compliance of your products to your customers. We offer various certification services that meet the needs of manufacturers all over the world.
Whether at home or at work, people spend most of their time in furnished rooms. These furnishings not only need to meet aesthetic requirements, but should also provide outstanding performance in terms of quality and safety. Furniture testing not only ensures product quality, safety and consumer health, but also raises the level of quality management and competence in the market.
Our Testing Services Meet the Following Criteria
Quality and Fitness for Use

  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality
  • User-friendliness
  • Sensor technology
  • Surface quality
  • Material properties (e.g. textiles, leather, etc...)
Electrical Safety

  • Protection against access to live parts
  • Abnormal operation behavior
  • Heat and fire resistance
Ecological and Chemical Product Testing

  • Contaminants
  • Emissions (VOC, formaldehyde, odors)
  • Hygiene
  • Microbiology
Mechanical Safety

  • Stability
  • Structural integrity
  • Durability / lifecycle
  • Designing for safety
  • Operating and safety instruction
Electro-magnetic Capability (EMC)

  • Interference emissions
  • Interference immunity

  • Checking
  • Optimizing
  • During production
  • Pre-shipment
  • Final random check
  • Loading supervision
BIFMA Services: BIFMA Compliant Program
Launched March 1, 2021, BIFMA Compliant is an industry-wide registry of furniture products that conform to BIFMA safety and durability standards. This program helps to provide clarity to the market by differentiating products that meet established industry standards versus those that don’t.

With an array of options available on the market today and recognizing that individuals and organizations are now outfitting home office environments, BIFMA seeks to help all customers make confident buying decisions. The registry is a resource for both specifiers and buyers to quickly identify quality products that comply with safety and durability standards. Furniture manufacturers around the world are encouraged to participate.

As one of the world’s leading testing service providers, TÜV Rheinland of North America is a BIFMA member and can help you attain BIFMA Compliant status for your furniture products. Click here to request BIFMA Compliant Testing or learn more about the program below.
What are the Benefits?
For Manufacturers:
  • Validates products against rigorous performance standards
  • Provides visibility to specifiers and buyers
  • Helps combat rising counterfeit claims
For Specifiers:
  • Allows for greater ease in searching for trusted product
  • Provides confidence in recommendations
  • Delivers ease of verification
For Buyers:
  • Helps mitigate and reduce risk
  • Improves employee safety and productivity
  • Offers buying confidence with product quality and performance
How Does it Work?
  • The registry is open to BIFMA Members and non-member companies alike.
  • The program aligns applicable BIFMA standards focused on safety and durability criteria to products.
  • Product testing must be conducted in an ISO 17025 accredited test lab with the relevant BIFMA standard(s) in the Scope of Accreditation before adding products to the registry. The lab may be a 1st party (in-house) or 3rd party lab.
  • Participating manufacturers sign a formal agreement with BIFMA and pay fees to participate.
  • Product listings are input by manufacturer representatives who are provided access to the system.
  • Product listings will undergo an initial quality check prior to listing in the aggregated registry.
  • Test reports will be subject to random audits.
  • Participating manufacturers will be provided with a trademarked “BIFMA Compliant” mark for use on products and in marketing materials.
Our Scope of Accreditation for BIFMA Standards
General Purpose Office Chairs
Public and Lounge Seating
Large Occupant Public and Lounge
Desk / Table Products
Panel Systems
Storage Units
Large Occupant Office Chairs
Educational Seating
Occasional Seating
Home Office and Occasional-Use Desk, Table and Storage Products
We are a leading international institute for the testing and assessment of furniture. Our experts participate in national standardisation work, such as ISO, EN, ANSI/BIFMA and DIN. Furthermore, our testing experience covers additional international standards such as the French NF, British BS, Japanese JIS, Australian AS and Chinese GB standards, in addition to EU directives and other legislative requirements, where applicable.
Market Access Services: Your Global Business - Just One Click Away
Activate your global business now. Our Market Access experts have comprehensive technical know-how in all areas of technology and business helping to ensure secure, international access to target markets.

Product Types & Industries We Serve

Our broad service portfolio ensures optimum support with regard to your unique requirements. We provide expert testing and certifications for furniture of all kinds – from office, contract and home furniture to laboratory and workshop furnishings.
Office & Contract Furniture
Office workspaces must be designed ergonomically correct and must be adaptable to individual needs as to reduce health problems, medical costs and disability. The standards for the usability of office and contract furniture are high. With individual keywords, our test marks document and visualize product safety, ergonomic correctness, functionality, chemical safety and sustainability. We confirm your sustainable production, for example through the FEMB level® certification.

Domestic Furniture
Home furnishings should not only be visually appealing but also functional and safe, not harmful for the health and free of unpleasant odors. Furniture intended for storage of goods, upholstered furniture, tables and chairs must therefore meet high standards with regard to safety, workmanship, quality of the materials and comfort. Poorly and non-physiologically designed beds, mattresses and bedding concepts put a strain on the spine and have an impact on the quality of sleep. Today, more than ever consumers value products that were tested for safety, durability and ergonomic correctness by an independent testing institution.

Children's Furniture
Children and teenagers need safe, sturdy furniture that does not pose any health risk. Furniture that grows with children and can be adapted to their rapidly changing interests is ideal. With our test marks for safety, absence of risks to a person‘s health, strength, performance characteristics, workmanship and sustainability, parents may rest assured that your products are appropriate for the target group.

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture must meet different requirements and must be able to withstand various stress and weather conditions depending on whether it is used for camping, in the residential or the commercial sector. With outdoor furniture, it is of particular importance that the materials used in the product are suitable for use in outside areas. Whether table, chair, recliner, hammock or swing seat – we test for example safety-related proper design, stability, strength and durability and the product information to ensure compliance with all applicable national and international standards and directives, and with specific quality and test requirements.

Electrified Furniture
The possibilities for new products and functionalities are growing thanks to constant technical advancements. However, with increasingly complex electrical installations in living room and work furniture, the demands on manufacturers are becoming more challenging. Specifications of the low-voltage directive or for electromagnetic compatibility can become relevant. With our product tests and certifications, you can ensure that your electrified furniture meets all relevant guidelines.

Furniture Fittings, Components, & Materials
Longevity and high quality workmanship of furniture critically influence the purchasing decision. Fittings, components and materials are crucial for the functionality and usability of furniture. Depending on the use of the components and the intended use of the materials, we offer qualifying tests to ensure compliance with current applicable standards and directives, and with specific quality and test requirements. This includes testing of fittings with damper mechanisms or fittings powered by electricity; tests for durability, strength, corrosion protection and for mechanical, electrical and functional safety. The proper design and the correct synergy of all components provide safety and durability of the overall product.

Wall & Floor Coverings
Wall and floor coverings are an important design element of a room. They give rooms a personal and individual touch and can enhance their ambiance and acoustics. Accordingly, the quality standards (e.g. chemical and physical resistance, ease of installation and ease of care) for floor and wall coverings are high.

Our Test Marks, Certifications & Certipedia

When it comes to purchasing decisions, consumers and B2B buyers want the guaranteed safety and quality in a product that has been tested by an independent third party. As a leading provider of testing and certification services throughout the world, we have been assisting our clients with their products for over 140 years. We are always impartial and take regulatory requirements - both nationally and internationally, performance characteristics and consumer needs into account. All this greatly benefits you and your product because you reduce development costs and returns, acquire new target groups, improve customer retention, increase sales and gain faster access to international markets.

Upon successful testing and certification, you will receive a certificate and the right to use our worldwide-recognized TÜV Rheinland test mark on your product and marketing materials for a specified time. The combination of the TÜV Rheinland test mark and our online certificate database, Certipedia, offers your customers a quick and easy way to review product characteristics. By affixing the TÜV Rheinland test mark to your product, you offer the transparency to your potential customers that your product has been properly tested and meets the highest standards for safety, quality, and sustainability. If you use our test mark to promote your products, you will ultimately benefit from decades of trust in the TÜV Rheinland brand.
Test Marks
TÜV Rheinland Test Mark
Studies show that every second consumer pays attention to test marks when buying products. Product certification plays a decisive role for consumers’ purchase decisions, particularly in the areas of toys, children's products, and household items such as furniture. Consumers demand neutral, independent and clear test marks that quickly and transparently display comprehensive testing criteria and results. Our test mark is a valuable tool that can be used to boost brand confidence and strengthen market share. With individual test mark ID numbers, an integrated QR code and a neutral, easy-to-find reference, our test mark provides access to your test contents at all times.

TÜV Rheinland GS Mark
With the worldwide-recognized GS mark, we ensure that your products meet the quality and safety requirements set forth in the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG, in short). The GS mark is a valuable aid for purchasing decisions and increases your customers' trust and confidence: they see that they can trust the quality and safety of your products. We are authorized to issue the GS mark and as your partner, we use our expertise to support you on the market in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Contact us now to find out more about the options for a GS certification of your products.

BIFMA Compliant® Certification
With an array of options available on the market today and recognizing that individuals and organizations are now outfitting home office environments, BIFMA seeks to help all customers make confident buying decisions. Launched March 1, 2021, BIFMA Compliant is an industry-wide registry of furniture products that conform to BIFMA safety and durability standards. The registry is a resource for both specifiers and buyers to quickly identify quality products that comply with safety and durability standards. Furniture manufacturers around the world are encouraged to participate. As one of the world’s leading testing service providers, we are a BIFMA member and can help you attain BIFMA Compliant status for your furniture products.

BIFMA level® Certification
BIFMA level® is a voluntary third-party certification program based on the ANSI/BIFMA e3 furniture sustainability standard. It has been launched to provide a transparent and holistic approach for the furniture industry to evaluate and communicate the environmental and social impacts of their products in the built environment. TÜV Rheinland is your experienced partner to prove conformance according to the ANSI/BIFMA e3 furniture sustainability standard and enable level® certification. Contact our experts now and they will first check to see if your furniture meets the prerequisites for a level® certification.

FEMB level® Certification
The FEMB sustainability standard was developed by the FEMB, the umbrella organization of European office furniture manufacturers. The standard includes FEMB sustainability requirements for ready-to-sell office and contract furniture for indoor use. By meeting various preconditions and other requirements based on measurable performance criteria, a company can demonstrate the sustainability of its products. The level mark is awarded in three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The certification level achieved by a particular product depends on the extent to which the product itself, its production facilities and the manufacturer's organization meet the requirements of the FEMB sustainability standard.

Certipedia - Certificate Database from TÜV Rheinland
Our online Certipedia database allows your customers and partners easy and transparent access to your individual entry, showing which of your products have been tested and certified. Linking the test mark with Certipedia enables users to review your testing performance within seconds, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Each test mark is assigned with an individual ID number to protect the authenticity of your certification. By entering the number at, consumers can directly view the test contents of the certificate. Upon successful certification, the Certipedia entry is automatically published in Certipedia. In addition to the test mark shown, it also contains a comprehensive summary of the criteria used for the testing. At your request, we can also tailor the design of your Certipedia entry according to your specific needs, e.g. with your logo and other customer-relevant information.

Our Test Marks Stand for Safety, Quality, and Sustainability
Products are marketable only when they are safe & reliable. Insurers insist on measures that ensure product safety as well. To increase your competitiveness, always opt for safety testing by an independent third party institution. Provide your customers with a clear guidance, for example in the form of the TÜV Rheinland GS mark, which is recognized worldwide as a signal for safety. For this reason, we are the right institution to test & certify your product.
The motto is “safety first”, because safety is the basis for further tests that carefully examine quality attributes such as ergonomic correctness, ease of use, reliability, durability, ease of care or lownoise design. These requirements are based on relevant consumer demands and longtime experience in quality testing.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions. Our experts specialize in testing & certifying environmental friendliness & safety. We assist companies of all kinds on their way to a resource-conserving & cost-effective orientation of their business. Whether testing for harmful substances, recyclability, energy efficiency, life cycle analysis or Green Product certification – our services will increase the trust in your products.

Our Local Lab: Furniture & Retail Excellence Center in Grand Rapids

In March 2020, TÜV Rheinland opened a new furniture testing facility in Kentwood, MI. Known as the Furniture & Retail Excellence Center, this testing facility aims to help manufacturers meet the most advanced U.S. and European compliance standards for furniture. Besides regular and large-occupant office chairs, TÜV Rheinland can ensure manufacturers meet the requirements for lounge seating, desk products, panel systems, storage units, educational seating, occasional-use seating, and more.

Choosing the Grand Rapids, MI area as the home base for the furniture lab was a strategic decision for TÜV Rheinland. Apart from being known as The Furniture City, Grand Rapids is also the home of BIFMA (Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association). Such close proximity allows our field managers to work closely with the BIFMA experts in the standard writing processes for furniture safety, keeping TÜV Rheinland up-to-date with the latest standards and testing operations. The lab, located at 3650 Broadmoor Avenue, Kentwood, Michigan, is a 3,000 square-foot facility focused exclusively on furniture testing.
Featured above is our Head of Hardlines & Softlines, Stephan Pesch, as he demonstrates the use of our state-of-the-art Chair Measurement Device located at our Furniture and Retail Excellence Center in Grand Rapids, MI.
Our Testing Equipment for Furniture of All Kinds
TÜV Rheinland's Furniture & Retail Excellence Center in Kentwood, MI is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to address all furniture testing needs. Whether its office and home furniture, laboratory and workshop furniture, or anything in-between, we've got you covered. Below are of few of the testing types we offer at our lab:
Chair Measurement
This device provides testing for the determination of dimensions for furniture used in office spaces in accordance with ISO 24496 Office Furniture, BIFMA G1 Ergonomics Guideline, and ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 General-Purpose Office Chairs.
Horizontal Durability
The Horizontal Durability Test features a universal test frame that can be used for the test of tables, leg strength and beds. The equipment has a force controlled closed loop system to ensure that the specified force is applied precisely for each cycle.
Seat-Back Durability
Provides testing according to EN and ANSI/BIFMA standards for static or cyclic loads. For the tests according to EN standards, the loading point templates are shaped naturalistically. A foam is used to simulate the soft tissue of the human body.
Linear Unit w/ Load
This device provides testing of the rolling resistance according to EN 1335-2, castor durability tests, & drawer tests according to ANSI/BIFMA. The attached load cell can be used for recording forces below 20 N.
The tilt-drop test determines if the legs and seat are properly and durably connected, helping to identify poor welding, glue, or rivet connections. This equipment provides testing in accordance with DIN 68878:2011 and can also be used for ANSI/BIFMA seat mechanism test or drawer tests.
Impact Tester
Provides testing for drop impacts and seating durability according to ANSI/BIFMA and EN standards. The equipment measures the pick-up point for each individual cycle to ensure that the drop height remains constant, even if the chair moves down over time. This test can run 24/7 in compliance with the tolerances defined in the standard.
Swivel Tester
This test equipment can be used for the ANSI/BIFMA Swivel Test – Cyclic to evaluate the ability of a chair to withstand the stress and wear of repeated swivelling. This equipment also provides testing of the castor and chair base durability according to EN 1335-2.
EN 1335-1 Dummy
This 64 kg dummy is used to determine the dimensions of office chairs according to EN 1335-1:2000 under load.
Our Furniture Testing Labs, Worldwide
In addition to our local U.S. Furniture & Retail Excellence Center in Kentwood, MI, we also have 12 labs located around the world capable of providing testing & certification for a variety of furniture product types.
Tillystraße 2
90431 Nürnberg
+49 911 655 5832
Untere Wiesenstr. 3
32120 Hiddenhausen
+49 5221 187993 82
Budapest, Hungary
Vàci út 48/A-B
1132 Budapest
+36-1 288-8453
Poznań, Poland
ul . Lutycka 11
60-415 Poznań
+48 61 864-2258
A3650 Broadmoor Avenue,
Kentwood, Michigan
Westervoortsedijk 73
6827 Arnhem
+31 6122 77392
Milano, Italy
Via Mattei, 3
20010 Pogliano Milanese
+39 02 93 96 87 84
Unit C-201, No. 7 Caipin Road, Guangzhou Science City
+86 20 2839 1327
No.177, Lane 777, West Guangzhong Road, Shanghai, 200072
+86 21 6081 1765
Hall 10, Road No.1, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 283 622 3123
Global Technology Assessment Center 4-25-2 Kita-Yamata, Tuzuki-ku Yokohama 224-0021
+81 45 914 0456
Aristo International Building1st Floor, No.14, Mahaveer colony, Sabapathipuram, Tirupur - 641 601 Tamilnadu
Check Out Our Furniture Testing 101 Videos!
Horizontal Durability Test
Chair Impact Test
ISO Chair Measurement Test
Chair Swivel Test

Additional Resources

Below you will find helpful resources and documents that provide further information on our furniture testing services. If you require more information, feel free to contact us at any time - our experts would be happy to assist you!
5-Minute Guide to Furniture Testing 
Flyer: CARB & EPA Certification Service
Brochure: Furniture Testing
Brochure: Product Testing & Certification Programs for Furniture
Whitepaper: Electrified Furniture - Testing, Certification & Market Launch
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Furniture Testing
Whitepaper: Green Product Mark for Furniture
Whitepaper: Overview of our Market Access Services

Request Furniture Testing from TÜV Rheinland

Are you ready to begin your testing and certification process with TÜV Rheinland for your furniture products? Below we have compiled a short checklist to help manufacturers prepare to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

What TÜV Rheinland Needs from You

  • User-Manual and Description of Functionality
  • Country of Destination (Specific countries the product will be sold in)
  • Intended Use (Office, Domestic, Non-Domestic, Outdoor Use, Children's Furniture, etc...)
  • Is the product intended for certain retailers? (Required testing is determined based on customer-specific test protocols)
  • The type of testing you are requesting (Mechanical safety testing only based on individual test standards or full legal compliance testing)
  • Will additional testing be required? (Quality and/or chemical testing)
What TÜV Rheinland Will Provide to You

After successful testing, TÜV Rheinland will provide you with the full test report (and certificate, if applicable) so you can document the safety and quality of your furniture product(s). Additionally, we issue our globally recognized test marks for you to affix to your products so you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and quality to your customers.

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