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Many auditing practitioners find it challenging to reconcile system audit criteria and practice, and expert audits could be improved.  And leader feels that the quality management representatives are not delivering the results critical for the organization to get into a continuous improvement process.

In Jan.2023, the webinar "A universal method for system auditing - A few tips to improve the quality of quality audit" delivered in both English and Chinese, we provided the tools and techniques to align the audits and enhance their quality. A summary article: Auditors Special: The Universal Method for System Auditing has been published on TÜV Rheinland Academy & Life Care Blog, please click and enjoy the reading.

The points addressed during the webinar.
  • How to link the criteria with processes.
  • How to check criteria being applied in a specific process.
  • How to see through a process to select evidence that can be projected accurately to criteria.
  • Learning path to achieve the higher professional level

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