ISO 3691-4: A Standard for Automatic Guided Vehicles

In recent years, the optimization of time and resources has become indispensable in the manufacturing industry. Nowadays, the usage of the driverless industrial trucks AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) and the smallest AGCs (Automatic Guided Carts) has become more prominent with the implementation of methodologies with Kanban cards (Lean Manufacturing) or POLCA (Quick Response Manufacturing) and other methodologies.

Until now, there was no harmonized, listed standard available for AGVs and other such systems, although EN 1525:1997 was used by many truck manufacturers.

The ISO 3691-series covers the basic safety requirements for industrial trucks. ISO 3691-4:2020 – currently released as a draft – specifies these requirements as Type C standard according to EN ISO 12100 for driverless industrial trucks.

Download the whitepaper in order to explore the key differences between the anticipated ISO 3691-4 standard and the EN 1525 standard.
For a safe AGV, the ISO 3691-4:2020 describes three key aspects:
  • The operating environment (i.e. defining the different zones where the truck operates and interacts with humans)
  • The hazards and risk associated
  • The correct implementation of the Safety (protection) Systems.

Key Learning Points

1 A Roadmap Towards Safety for Automated Guided Vehicles

2 Exploration of the Main Improvements in Respect to EN-1525

3 Review of the Limitations of the New ISO 3691-4 Standard

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