The Sky is the Limit

Assuring safety and enabling performance doesn’t happen by chance. In developed markets, the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of lifting equipment and machinery are intensively monitored. In majority of jurisdictions around the world, cranes, elevators, escalators and machineries are subjected to rigorous examinations and are held to high regulatory standards.

Today, the success of virtually every industry sector – from construction and real estate to oil & gas and aerospace – depends on the efficiency, reliability and safety of lifting machinery and equipment of one kind or another.

Serious accidents involving lifting equipment are also relatively infrequent. However, the consequences of failure can be catastrophic, for both the individuals involved as well as the organizations responsible.

Testing, inspection and certification are the keys to assuring safety, continuity and compliance for any lifting equipment and machinery.

In this whitepaper, we will be covering the following key topics:

1.     Lifting Industry Overview

2.     Exploring the Lifting Equipment Landscape

  •  Cranes – Hitting New Heights
  • Elevators – Going up in the World
  • Amusement Park Rides – Maximising Fun and Minimizing Risk

3.     The Power of Partnership

Download this whitepaper to deep-dive into the lifting equipment landscape, and learn how best practices and safety compliance can be achieved for your lifting systems.

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