PFAS testing: Prepare now for legal changes

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are currently attracting particular attention in international markets, because the group of chemicals has been found to be highly prevalent in the environment. This is of particular importance because PFAS are both harmful to the environment and to health and are highly persistent.

In the US-american market, some states have already introduced restrictions on the use of PFAS in clothing or food packaging, and in the EU there is a proposal that, in its current form, would represent one of the largest bans on chemicals in Europe.

Respond to the issue now!
TÜV Rheinland offers a wide range of services to detect PFAS in products and components (intentional use or as contamination). Chemical analyses give brands, retailers and suppliers the opportunity to meet existing legal requirements under EU and US law and prepare for future tightening. We offer four different testing packages:
Test package 1:
Existing market restrictions EU (incl. Switzerland).
Test package 2:
Existing and future restrictions for the EU market
Test package 3:
Testing of more than 100 PFAS
Test package 4:
Total fluorine content
Our expertise and services
PFAS customer information  
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Chemical analyses - Trust in experienced professionals
You can safeguard your products with a chemical analysis. As an experienced testing and certification body, we have been dealing with the internationally applicable limit values for a wide range of chemical groups for years. You can find out about our services in the field of chemical analysis at any time on our website. For your questions and concerns, our PFAS experts are of course also available to you personally.
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