Certification Information

To ensure that we can provide you a quote that is individualised to your needs, we need some basic information of you and your company. Please fill out the information below.

1. Company information (Head Office)

Main Site Address:

2. Main Contact Person:

3. Type of Certification (Combinations of certificates)

Please provide a brief description of the scope, identifying the business functions / processes that are in (& out) of scope, and any dependencies

4. Employee Information

5. Multisite Certification Information

(Complete only if there is more than one location to be certified.)
In case you would like to have multiple locations certified, can you confirm the following points?
The central function is part of the organization and is not subcontracted to an external organization.
(to define, establish & maintain the single management system)
Ensuring that data is collected and analyzed from all sites and can demonstrate its authority and ability to initiate organizational change as required in regard, but not limited, to:
i. system documentation and system changes
ii. management review
iii. complaints
iv. evaluation of corrective actions
v. internal audit planning and evaluation of the results
vi. statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to the applicable standard(s)

Main Site Logistics and Information

Main site info if company name and address is different than above.
(to be printed on the certificate)

Site 1

(to be printed on the certificate)

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5

6. Final Thoughts

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