Responsible Supply Chains – How Auditing Your Suppliers Can Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

In today’s world of commerce, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a strategic component in helping today’s businesses prove their commitment to improving their social impact. 

Factors such as safe and fair working conditions and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, among consumers as well as trading partners. Sustainability and social responsibility in supply chain management is a major way to ensure ethical practices.

A comprehensive evaluation of your supply chain can help ensure that the organizations you work with adhere to the same high level of corporate social responsibility.

This paper will review the process of a Supply Chain Audit (SCA), including the challenges organizations face when implementing a supply chain audit program, and the benefits they will gain from a successful social compliance audit. It will also introduce some of the the most popular SCA schemes and programs that exist, including:

  • amfori BSCI audit
  • Sedex SMETA audit
  • SAI Social Accountability International SA8000 audit
  • and more
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